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Subject: Accounts Payable

easysquare invoice receipt workflow

Tailored processes for your invoice receipt with easysquare

The easysquare workflow invoice receipt workflow ensures fast and correct processing of invoice receipts from the MM and FI modules. Processes for each individual company are stored in easysquare workflow for processing so that the digitally recorded invoice receipts are assigned to the responsible employee automatically.

The Process Cockpit in easysquare workflow can be used to monitor, control and edit the individual steps of the process. The employees responsible for the individual steps are thus able to successively complete each task that arises. In combination with the digital inbox, paper invoices are scanned at the beginning of the process and then processed in easysquare workflow. The shorter processes allow discounts to be implemented more easily and your employees’ valuable time resources are saved, allowing them to concentrate on your core competences. Processing is performed in accordance with external standards and the internal ones you specified yourself.

easysquare Rechnungseingangsworkflow

From invoice receipt to posting in just a few steps

The easysquare invoice receipt workflow significantly simplifies the checking and release process. It consists of multiple process components that are tailored to your individual requirements and can optionally be combined with one another.

1. Invoice receipt

The key procedure in a digital invoice run is the scanning of the incoming invoice. This can be done internally or, if required, externally via a scanning service provider. Text recognition (OCR) is used to automatically read out the content (e.g. vendor or invoice number). Manual, time-consuming entry is not necessary. It is possible to support the recognition process with validations of creditor numbers, order numbers or auxiliary account assignments.

2. Clearing and reconciliation

Within the clearing process, the data records are checked for incomplete or inconsistent information. The reconciliation process is in turn used for the functional preparation of the invoicing case and the recording of further document data in SAP®.

3. Release

The check and release for commercial and factual correctness as well as the posting release are performed based on the process stored in the system. Only the relevant employees receive the invoice document for processing. Various security mechanisms can also be taken into account, such as the dual-control principle or stochastic releases.

4. Automatic posting

If required, document processing and posting can be automated. This increases the process and document security in financial accounting.

5. Transparency and logging

All activities and changes are logged continuously from the time of the data import.

Freigabeprozess im easysquare Rechnungseingangsworkflow
Release processes are performed automatically and transparently while always ensuring the dual-control principle (where required)
Overview of the invoice receipt workflow using easysquare workflow

Further information

Methods of recording the invoice receipts

  1. Electronic invoice receipt
  2. In-house scanning with automatic / manual recording
  3. Scanning via service provider

As a service subsidiary of PROMOS, PROMOS.FS Facility Services GmbH provides extensive services, including electronic invoice receipt, early scanning with qualification and automated invoice checking. With these services, we allow you to have your employees process technically qualified invoices in the form of pre-entered documents digitally and efficiently.

Your benefit

Shorter processing times: An individual release process stored in easysquare workflow allows the automatic allocation of the invoice documents to the responsible processor, thus significantly reducing the processing times and allowing you to implement discounts and save time resources.

Reduction of interfaces: The digitalisation of the process leads to the minimisation of manual interfaces, allowing potential errors to be avoided. At the same time, you save personnel expenses.

Paperless processing: As the incoming invoice is scanned at the start of the process, you avoid making unnecessary copies of the document. The entire workflow can be processed digitally in easysquare workflow.

Precise documentation: Scanning the invoice leads to automatic archiving in the system.

Transparency: The immediate ability to provide information to customers, suppliers, colleagues and managers is ensured.


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End user

  • Accounts payable accountants

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP 6.0
  • Own namespace in SAP NetWeaver® ABAP stack from Release 7 is required.

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