Portfolio No.: 7102-01
Subject: Workflows

easysquare accounting process library

The fast route to digital process management

Process organisation and process-supported work are increasingly attracting the attention of companies. In addition to the pure value creation processes, support processes in financial accounting provide significant optimisation potential with regard to lead and processing time as well as internal and external demands made on transparency.

Technical support can be provided for any ERP-based economic workflow. With easysquare workflow, a generic application enables you to map everything from simple checklists for working through outstanding tasks to highly complex and automated workflows. Thanks to the many options for customising the processes, every company can quickly and easily map their own business processes in a tailor-made way.

To make implementing finance-specific processes easier, PROMOS provides a constantly expanding process library as a template with individualisation options. Selected financial accounting processes include:

  • Digital invoice receipt
  • Creating outgoing invoicing
  • Inter-company invoices
  • Period-end closing work
  • Creating annual reports
  • Contract release for loans
  • Asset additions
  • Asset disposals
  • Business Partner Management
  • Receivables tracking

Further information

  • A holistic approach: In combination with the business processes of customer relationship management, real estate management and technical real estate management, a comprehensive technical process landscape is created that supports the company’s operational and strategic control.

Your benefit

Short implementation time: Thanks to the large selection of pre-configured standard processes, you benefit from an extremely short implementation time and ready-to-use processes.

Cost savings: Using processes from the easysquare process library provides huge cost benefits, as the effort for company-specific developments can be eliminated or reduced.

End user

  • Finance accounting employees

Technical requirements

  • from SAP® ERP 6.0 EhP5

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