Become a partner – and offer your own services via easysquare

With the easysquare platform, PROMOS provides companies in the real estate industry with a unique solution to implement professional real estate management effectively and with ease.
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In particular, this allows convenient handling of mobile processes in areas such as property management, inspection on vacating a property/apartment handover, property inspection, building acceptance and progress or quality assessment. The easysquare services are designed to be integrated smoothly into the central ERP system processes and thus to complement and enhance the user’s existing IT infrastructure. However, easysquare is not only useful for optimising internal processes; PROMOS also gives companies the opportunity to participate in a partner model developed specifically for easysquare. Two versions of this model are available.  

Service partner or system partner – two versions of the partner model  

Service partners can offer their customers services relating to the implementation, modification and use of the easysquare platform. In this context, PROMOS provides its service partners with an extensive package of services, with everything from implementation to modification and ongoing support during use.  

A service partnership within the framework of the partner model would be beneficial, for example, for consulting departments and companies that wish to provide their customers with consulting services to make their business processes more efficient. Providers of real estate software solutions that wish to add a mobile component for networking to their applications and advise their customers on the implementation of mobile business processes will also find a convenient solution in an easysquare service partnership. IT departments at large corporate groups or group-owned IT companies can use the partner model to implement an extensive networking solution with a mobile component at the various group companies and to support this themselves.  

In addition, companies can also become PROMOS system partners – the second version of the partner model. They then have the option to provide specialised services for customers on the platform with their own business content. They can market their own services and products to the target group in question without any losses due to unselective advertising. In addition, in the scope of a system partnership with PROMOS, contents provided via easysquare are available to target groups much more easily and quickly than with customer-specific developments. The offer to become a system partner is by no means addressed only to companies from the real estate industry such as property managers, consulting companies or facility managers. Energy and telecommunications companies, banks, insurance providers or service providers from the areas of waste management and logistics, for example, can also connect their solutions with the numerous functions of the easysquare platform as service partners.

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As well as consulting and support, the services that PROMOS provides to its system partners include individualised forms or integrated specialist catalogues, for instance for the quality assessment area. Insurers have the opportunity to provide a damage report that corresponds to their case, while electricity providers can market their electricity product using an appropriate easysquare order form. For providers of software solutions, PROMOS collaborates in creating mobile components that can be provided on easysquare and marketed to the respective target groups as standard platform modules.  

Benefit from the boom in mobile business processes – with extensive support from easysquare  

With the partner models, the participating providers of services and content benefit widely from the current boom in mobile business processes and new network-based business models in the real estate industry. In addition, this form of cooperation with PROMOS provides a host of benefits for partners. These include free test and presentation access as well as the availability of marketing materials; for example, press releases and success stories that present successful application examples in an attractive manner. Experienced partner managers support the partners in all questions regarding the use of easysquare the partner model.  

If the partners’ advertising activities or marketing activities for their own services result in the sale of additional easysquare licenses, they receive appropriate remuneration for this. Last but not least, companies participating in the partner model can make use of PROMOS services at special conditions. To promote exchange of experiences among the partners, PROMOS has been hosting annual partner meetings since 2014.  

Potential for multifaceted synergy effects  

In addition to the immediate support from PROMOS, partners benefit from all the advantages that result from the specific concept of the easysquare platform as well as from potential synergy effects from the cooperation with PROMOS or other partners. For example, various partners can integrate their services and contents into the market via a shared IT infrastructure. Housing industry processes can be used as an additional sales channel and cooperation in the scope of shared sales and marketing activities can be used to achieve multiplication effects.  

Furthermore, the potential benefits of the partner programmes are not limited to simple interaction with existing or potential customers. Participation in the partner programme also allows extensive connections with other market participants and stakeholders. This makes it easier to establish new access to markets and business contacts as well as to enhance perception of the company and its services among the players and user target groups on the relevant markets. Another positive secondary effect of integrating their own services and content in a shared IT infrastructure is the insights that participants gain as a result of the transparent data basis.  

Various partners are already benefitting from the PROMOS partner models, including Treuhandstelle für Wohnungsunternehmen in Bayern GmbH

Treuhandstelle für Wohnungsunternehmen in Bayern GmbH (VdW Bayern Treuhand)

Tailored solution for the housing industry  

VdW Bayern Treuhand is a VdW Bayern Group company. The subsidiary advises housing companies regarding business, housing industry and construction-related topics as well as on data protection and issues relating to accounting and annual financial statements. More than 300 housing companies currently make use of the trust agency’s services.  

As a PROMOS service partner, VdW Bayern Treuhand implements easysquare mobile for its clients and, thanks to the PROMOS partner programme, had the opportunity to expand its own core business in the area of organisational consulting. The option to provide and implement solutions itself is particularly attractive.  

Here, the company concentrates on mobile support for all housing industry-related processes for which data needs to be collected on site:

  • Residential property inspection and handover
  • Quality assessment
  • Acceptance of construction services
  • Defect reporting
  • Inventory recording, fittings and fixture recording
  • Documentation

Customers of VdW Bayern Treuhand thus benefit from being able to implement their mobile projects with a long-term partner, while also receiving the opportunity to use future-oriented industry solutions from PROMOS.  

Contact: Gerald Pfretzschner, authorised signatory and department head for Consulting Treuhandstelle für Wohnungsunternehmen in Bayern GmbH

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