Flat-rate individual value adjustment at the press of a button with PROMOS.GT

Imagine the following situation: the annual accounts! The Contract Accounting department is already under enormous stress, and then this happens – the layouts for analysing receivables for the individual value adjustment are accidently deleted. The co-worker who set them up is off sick. Your colleagues meticulously reconstruct the settings, and then start the laborious task of transferring the data to Excel and analysing the receivables. The export and manual analysis are another frequent source of errors, and constant comparison is required.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were programs to perform the receivables analysis for you? But how could that work? Individual value adjustment means that that values have to be considered individually, right?  

The solution is flat-rate individual value adjustment. This procedure analyses the receivables and categorises them based on specific characteristics. These could be days overdue, the item value or specific dunning locks, each listed individually per company code and contract type. The categories are then allocated fixed devaluation rates. This ensures that each receivable is evaluated individually.

PROMOS Einzelwertberichtigung: Einstiegsbildschirm mit freier Selektion über RE-Objekte
Figure 1: Initial screen with free selection using RE objects.

Of course, the balances for each contract are also taken into account and customer credits are offset. The manual postings also have an effect; manual derecognitions are recognised as consumption.  

With the PROMOS.GT solution, all of this is integrated into a clear report. The item analysis is performed automatically in the dialogue or planned via a background job. Following a plausibility check of the data determined by the relevant processor, the value adjustment can be posted – again from within the program. Posting of differences and posting with a reverse posting in the subsequent period are both supported.

PROMOS Einzelwertberichtigung: Übersichtliche Darstellung der Ergebnisse der Bewertung im flexiblen ALV-Layout
Figure 2: Clear presentation of the analysis results in a flexible ALV layout.
The PROMOS solution for individual value adjustment is a complete package that covers all requirements in the area of receivables measurement. It relieves the burden on employees in the Contract Accounting department and eliminates numerous sources of error during the export and processing of the data.
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