Easy, legally compliant implementation of EED requirements – current consumption data in the tenant app

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) stipulates that, in the future, consumption data must be made available free of charge several times a year. Is there any more obvious way to do this than to map the data directly in the tenant app? easysquare even offers housing companies without a classic tenant app the option of implementing the EED in a simple and legally compliant manner with a tenant app “light”.
EED Verbrauchsdaten in der easysquare Mieter-App

What the Energy Efficiency Directive means for landlords

Europe is currently realigning its energy efficiency policy. As laid out in the Paris Climate Accords, Europe is obligated to make a significant contribution towards climate protection. The EU’s energy consumption must be reduced. With the Energy Efficiency Directive, the EU member states have committed themselves to reducing the energy consumption of properties, among other measures. Tenants are to be encouraged to deal more consciously with resources such as heating energy and water through more transparency regarding their consumption. Regular information is intended to help them understand their individual consumption level and reduce it efficiently. From 1 January 2022, the law obliges landlords to provide monthly consumption data to residents of properties with remotely readable recording devices.

The implementation of the directive in Germany stipulates that, from 25 October 2020, tenants whose apartments are equipped with remotely readable devices must be provided with quarterly energy consumption information upon request. If tenants expressly do not wish to receive quarterly reports, they are to be sent energy consumption information twice a year.

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EED-compliant display of consumption data

What at first sounds like an enormous additional burden for housing companies can be solved easily and conveniently using the easysquare tenant app. In addition to the “classics” such as damage reports or the ability to view contracts, the easysquare tenant app now also offers the useful “Consumption” function (Figure 1). This range of functions makes it possible to comply with the EED requirements quickly and almost automatically. It contains up to four boxes and can thus separately map all consumption values supplied by the meter reading company. The consumption form is created monthly and contains the respective absolute consumption value and up to three relative comparison figures. If a tenant has several rental contracts/rental properties, the relevant consumption data is listed separately. Icons and notes can provide additional explanations.

Clear graphic visualisation

The clearly structured views enable housing companies to offer their tenants real added value. With just a few clicks, tenants can keep an eye on their consumption behaviour at all times. The consumption widgets already show the most important consumption data for the current month in the tile overview. The widgets automatically update when the app is opened if new data is available. If a tenant has several rental contracts, the widgets display the total consumption value for all rental contracts. The year view can also be clearly arranged using tables and diagrams.

Darstellung aktueller Verbrauchswerte für Heizkosten und Warmwasser in der easysquare Mieter-App

Figure 1: All consumption data can be called up at any time with the new “Consumption” function. Both monthly and annual data can be displayed in clear tables and charts.

No tenant app? No problem!

Even if a housing company does not yet have a tenant app in use, easysquare can still offer a pragmatic solution. By implementing a tenant app “light”, landlords can provide core information on consumption data in a digitised manner. This includes:

  • Representation of consumption in widgets
  • Provision of a web app
  • Individual corporate design
  • Authentication process
  • Client setup

The data is imported into the portal via an interface to the PROMOS Utilities Cockpit (NKPU). The raw data of the meter reading companies also reaches the portal via an interface.

Conclusion: current consumption data with a single click

Whether with new, unbeatable added value in the existing tenant app or via the uncomplicated provision of a tenant app “light” – easysquare offers all customers the ideal solution to easily fulfil their legal obligations and save resources.

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