FP IAB and PROMOS consult deliver significant cost and efficiency benefits in tenant communication

FP IAB Communications GmbH and PROMOS consult are jointly offering a hybrid solution for real estate companies to improve their mail processing. In addition to its digital communication services, the solution scans paper letters and analyses them using artificial intelligence before feeding them back into the systems of end customers via an interface.

This new bundled offer from the two specialist firms optimises mail processing in the housing industry both digitally and physically. FP IAB Communications GmbH, a subsidiary of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG (FP) and market leader in the field of hybrid document solutions, has been working with PROMOS consult for several years.

The demand for digital processes has immensely increased. Offering a solution for the considerable work involved in daily mail processing was therefore a logical conclusion. easysquare input & output management optimises the entire mail process. Many housing companies still can’t completely dispense with conventional mail delivery in their tenant communication: contracts, master data changes and invoices are still sent physically despite the availability of e-mail and online service, which makes for a high structural, personnel and financial outlay.

Figure 1: The holistic solution approach serves a wide range of communication channels.

Saving costs with hybrid models

To improve these processes, PROMOS consult is offering easysquare input & output management, an intelligent software solution for digitising document processes. Partner company IAB Communications, based in Berlin’s Adlershof neighbourhood, converts physical letters into digital copies. Correspondence is scanned and then automatically assigned to the responsible employees for further processing.

“The easysquare software is ideally suited to our hybrid offerings in the real estate industry,” says Michael Steinberg, Managing Director of FP IAB Communications GmbH. “This allows us to ideally harness considerable savings potential in handling data from both digital inboxes and mail processing in the housing industry.”

Figure 2: An interface always has two sides: In addition to input management, the dynamic document interface supports standard processes in SAP® as well as seamless further processing in easysquare workflow.

Future-proof thanks to better technologies

There is very high demand for mass scanning of letters or digital inboxes and conversion into digital formats. This service can be extended with intelligent messenger solutions, which can be integrated into new workflow systems in a tailored manner. Together with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA), this delivers effective communication solutions that simplify work for the responsible employees while saving costs.

Housing industry customers receive comprehensive document management with this package, and advances in the digital transformation of all processes can simultaneously be achieved at the speed suiting their respective customer requirements.

FP IAB Communications GmbH


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