Real estate management with the launchpad

From sunup to sundown, we use countless apps throughout the day: We book a train ticket on the way to work, listen to music and check in with our kids while on the train, track our running route after work, and plan a trip for the next long weekend on the couch at night. These small, useful helpers on our smartphones and tablets make our tasks easier day after day. Why should it be any different in our work environment?

Under the ambiguous title “Brave New World”, we presented a vision of the future of digital real estate management at the 14th OpenPromos user forum and gave the audience concrete insights into role-based and process-oriented work with Fiori®. Today we’re sharing those insights with you.

What does it mean to manage real estate with the launchpad? And how can we envisage this in concrete terms?

User-friendliness is key here. The example of inventory management gives you an impression of the efficiency possible with the new interfaces: the billing of utilities is an essential activity and among the most labour-intensive processes for any housing company. Relevant receipts must be looked over, calculations and consumption figures must be completed, and the scheduling of bills and adjustments must be adhered to.

With SAP Fiori®, the administrator is presented with all personal applications in a simple-to-use, straightforward tile interface in the browser, lacking none of the functions of a classic SAP GUI but with much more intuitively learned usage. This provides users with a central point of entry into their daily work. For example, one tile illustrates the billing progress of all utility statements for which the administrator is responsible. This quickly shows the administrator which bills still have to be taken care of and provides the working progress as a percentage. Clicking or tapping on a diagram provides the administrator with a list of rental objects with the respective billing status, which can then be further navigated through. Data and information flow from the PROMOS Utilities Cockpit (NKPU), which is seamlessly connected with the tile. The agent can thus effortlessly switch over to the proven PROMOS solution for the monitoring, control and editing of utility statements.

Digitales Immobilienmanagement mit den PROMOS Lösungen für SAP S/4HANA und SAP Fiori

Figure 1: The personal applications are presented to employees in a role-based, process- and browser-oriented manner, allowing easy use regardless of the device.

These days, users are dealing with growing amounts of data and an ever-increasing freedom of choice. Integrating the collection, evaluation and processing of data is an elementary strength of the launchpad, putting users in the position to take appropriate action. Particularly when several people are working on a document or for more complex transactions that consist of smaller process steps, the functions can be broken down into separate, compact Fiori® Apps and tailored according to the role or position of the user. Only the necessary functions will be shown in the launchpad.

Das Launchpad mit den PROMOS Lösungen für das digitale Immobilienmanagement

Figure 2: The launchpad interface serves as the central point for employees to access their daily work. The displayed functions therefore vary according to the role and position of the user.

The use of SAP S/4HANA® and Fiori® make for a thoroughly service-oriented application. It follows that the ways and means by which IT departments provide other divisions with solutions will change as well. Companies are increasingly saying goodbye to monolithic, rigid systems and investing today in agile, integration-capable data infrastructures, cloud applications or on-premise solutions which are continuously improving and developing and are completely interconnected in a digital ecosystem. Only in this way is process support across different systems possible, and the launchpad delivers a universal interface to navigate seamlessly across these systems.

The Fiori® Launchpad is deployable for all applications used within a company and guarantees a consistent user experience.

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