Paper less? Effort less!

The digitisation of the paper office – this is often associated with a onetime major effort to scan all existing records and to process them electronically. But that´s not it. Because what happens with all the new incoming correspondences, contracts and invoices?

Those have to be scanned and assigned to the right employees as well. This requires so-called indexing, which is a content-related placement of incoming documents. Own available human resources are often limited for this case. Especially in seasonal busy periods, for example after the mailing of utility statements to the tenants, you can reckon on overloads. Hiring staff for those performant busy periods mostly isn´t economically reasonable considering the short-term nature. At this point PROMOS.FS can produce relief flexibly by providing their services according to the requirements. The experienced and qualified employees of the PROMOS.FS are indexing the scanned incoming mail from the customer fast, efficiently and with the highest quality. By request PROMOS.FS also takes care of the scanning of documents according to the customised predefined standards. Those services can be drawn short term as well as long term. This way you as a customer only pay when the support is needed and drawn.

As a service subsidiary of PROMOS consult the PROMOS.FS specialises on tasks around the annual utility statements. The generation, the analysis and examination of statements as well as their mailing belong to those. The portfolio of PROMOS.FS is completed by the performance of qualified scan and call center services.

Convince yourself and read here about how the LWB Leipzig implemented the digital tenant record and now draws services from PROMOS.FS flexibly.

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