Brand-new: The handy Chat Feature in easysquare workflow

To have a good rapport with craftsmen is very valued for housing companies. Because a good business relationship is a guarantor for a constant level of quality when performing services.

What could strengthen a relationship more than a fast and effective possibility of communication? To meet those requirements we have developed a chat feature for you during a customer project with the VBW BAUEN UND WOHNEN GMBH, which is integrated into the easysquare craftsman portal. It makes contracting by the craftsman to the employer directly from the portal possible.

Imagine following situation: Craftsman Smith of the sanitary installations Luck was ordered to change a sink at family Doyle´s the next week. As a preparation for this appointment he would like to order the same sink at a wholesaler, but the particular measurements are missing. Thanks to the new chat feature in the easysquare craftsmen portal he may log in in his browser and send a quick message to his employer, the housing company CityFriends Ltd. asking for the technical data. The responsible service employee of the CityFriends Ltd. receives the request of craftsman Smith in easysquare workflow and can examine the facts immediately. At the same time the entire chat history appears in his SAP® system. After looking at the master data the service employee finds a layout of the bathroom and sends those data to the craftsman portal directly from the SAP® system. Craftsman Smith now gets a notification of a new message in his portal. He can order the sink without any additional and time consuming measurements on site and can install the sink to the appointed meeting next week.

This example clearly shows the advantages of the new chat feature:

  • quick and uncomplicated contacting with the customer
  • direct integration into the SAP® system
  • high transparency traceability of communication
  • improvement of the procedures on site

Though, those advantages can not only be used for the cooperation and coordination with the craftsman. The new chat feature is also available in the PROMOS insurance portal for the communication between property management and insurance company or broker. This way the PROMOS solution makes a documented communication about insurance defects and handed-in supplier settlements possible.

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