The Digital Transformation – A Future Oriented Process

The German-speaking SAP-user group e.V (DSAG) performed a comprehensive survey about the digital transformation within its member companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Which meaning does it have for the own company and in which sectors can the biggest effects be seen?

For 80 percent of those polled the digital transformation is marked the most in the sector of business processes, 70 percent see the biggest influence in the workflows, 50 percent in the customer access. Overall, 54 percent of those polled said the digital transformation is of high and 26 percent said of very high importance for their company. With this, the results of the DSAG study reflect the nowadays rapidly growing digital trend at the market. Since it is, strategically seen, necessary for companies to always follow the latest status in the sectors of the market, the life and work environment, the digital adjustment is inevitable.

As an IT service provider for the real estate industry PROMOS has been focused on all topics about the digitisation from the very beginning in 1998. For this, the attention was always drawn to the business processes, pointed out by the participants, back then as well as now. With easysquare workflow PROMOS provides its customers a digital process controlling tool since many years, which is steadily improved and used by 50 of our long lasting customers. With this various business processes can be depicted and simplified as well as fastened up. Daily processes are pre-organised with easysquare and forwarded to the responsible processor automatically by the employee finding. This way the order to be done gets to the work basket of the particular employee, where it can be edited.

PROMOS has registered those developments many years before and as an IT service provider made it its task for the real estate industry to support companies on their way into the digital future.

Easysquare workflow can be embedded into the existing ERP system without any problems. The integration into SAP® happens ready to use and also other ERP systems can be operated with only few efforts. The DSAG sees this criterion as determining for the development of digital tools. Additionally, the integration ability meets the requirements of study participants in that way, that more than 70 percent of those polled see SAP as an important partner for the increasing digitisation of the business.

At the end, innovations can only be created in a mutual exchange between user and provider. That´s why we´re recommending: Become innovative and meet us at this year´s DSAG congress from September 20th until 22nd 2016 in the NürnbergConvention Center! Here we will present you our digital solutions for your business processes live and develop suitable concepts for your company together with you.

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