Insights into the World of a Craftsman: The new Expediting with the easysquare Craftsmen Portal

If a tenant reports a damage, he or she expects it to be repaired as soon as possible. But as in most of the cases third parties are charged with the craftsman services, you as a housing company do not always have an influence on the short-term character of the arrangement of an appointment.

To have a closer look at service providers, we have improved the possibilities of expediting for the easysquare craftsmen portal in a customer project with the VBW BAUEN UND WOHNEN GmbH.  

In the past it has already been possible for housing companies to define a time range for the fulfilment of tasks. This way the craftsmen company knew exactly until when the service has to be performed the latest. With the new functionality additionally the date set with the tenant is noted in the craftsmen portal by the contractor and is transferred to the SAP® system of the employer. This additional recording function entails, that employees of housing companies can track when the activities are performed. Also during change of dates the according planned dates are updated in the easysquare craftsmen portal. In case of a transgression of the time range a status on site of the contractor and the employee will show the lateness. At the same time a process is triggered in SAP®, which contains escalation information about the appropriate reference person.  

This way it´s possible for the landlord to monitor the fulfilment of his or her requirements to the quality and to guarantee the tenant´s satisfaction. By request, additionally an individual escalation scenario with multiple steps can be implemented, which for example contains information about the particular superiors.  

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