Happy Birthday New World!

10 years ago Steve Jobs posited Apple had reinvented the telephone. A combination of a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communicator, which dispenses with a space robbing keyboard or limited track pad – these were supposed to be the secret ingredients for the pioneering invention of Apple.

The success should prove him right. Indeed, the market share of the iPhone on the entire smart phone sales in Germany is only at about 16 percent, but the share in profits exceeds the 90 percent mark by far. This is mostly due to the fact that Apple only sells devices in the high-price segment.[1] In addition to that, the iPhone has become a status symbol and has run down previous industry leaders like Nokia or Blackberry, in a way over night. Even though the Apple “pocket-calculator” can do much more today than 10 years ago, the ingredients presented by Steve Jobs in 2007 are still the same.  

At the beginning it was a device for people interested in technology or for higher earners, today a life without the smartphone is hardly to imagine. Not only our everyday lives have been revolutionised by the steady availability of information and people. Also our professional lives have been affected by those small intelligent devices. Appointment coordination, email communication from the road, map navigation or – with solutions like easysquare mobile – the holistic and coordinated handling of mobile work tasks via app: What seemed like a vision from movies like “Back to the Future” or “Minority Report” in the past, now is a matter of course.

Curiously we will have a look on the next ten years. Because the carrousel of digitalisation will keep moving and always holds new surprises for us. We will also keep the wheel spinning in order to simplify the work for you.

Our newest developments will be presented to you at our 13th OpenPromos Anwenderforum in Berlin.

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