It’s time to switch to eVergabe (electronic tendering). But how?

A whole generation of office workers have made it their mission to say goodbye to the deluge of paperwork. Now, the government is helping the process along with new rules on e-tendering.

From 2018, e-tendering will be mandatory for all public authorities and for central purchasing organisations in the private sector. This encompasses all stages of the process from the initial announcement to the provision of tender documents, the award itself and the resulting contract conclusion. Fully electronic processing aims not only to cut down on paperwork, but also to simplify access to documents and make the entire tendering process more transparent and secure.  

Many companies already use SAP® as a centralised, electronic tool to support their purchasing. Connecting the SAP® system to an electronic tendering platform is easy. To achieve this, PROMOS and Schnittstelle BAU have developed the SAP® GAEB interface. Together with the GAEB parser, the interface can be used for the electronic exchange of tender-related files in the GAEB format.  

Susanne Tiedemann, Managing Director of Schnittstelle BAU, is currently offering training in small groups to provide an initial introduction to the topic and explore the options for individual companies. Please get in touch if you are interested.

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