Information on the PROMOS verification of construction invoices now available online!

With us, you know the score. PROMOS’ philosophy has always been characterised by high transparency and openness when it comes to solutions. Anyone who is interested can find details of our solutions in our website portfolio. Today, we have added information about the PROMOS verification of construction invoices.

Even true professionals occasionally lose track when faced with the complexity of already commissioned construction services and the large number of regulations relating to construction invoices. Have the services already been performed in full? Have the retentions been calculated correctly? And which allocations need to be taken into account, if applicable?

The PROMOS verification of construction invoices supports the employee responsible in a structured way with technical, content-related and arithmetical checking of incoming construction invoices. After the invoice data is recorded, the individual invoice components are compared with the stored specifications from the purchase order and can be checked and subsequently even posted.

Does this already sound like a true process improvement for your company? Then read our new portfolio entry for further details of the solution.

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