Building with a system

Unclear, complex, risky, cost-intensive – these are just a few of the characteristics that are quickly raised when it comes to the topic of building projects. In order to effectively master the challenge of construction, it is possible to use various project methods and technical aids. The most crucial factor is integral construction controlling.

The aim here is to actively manage the costs of the construction project – from the planning phase to the implementation and through to the acceptance. The key prerequisite above all is intensive budget planning and the continuous monitoring of the actual costs and the planning and construction progress, by monitoring the respective project performance statuses. It is only possible to intervene actively in the construction work and to make adjustments in the interests of minimising costs on the basis of deviations when a detailed specification of the facts is available. Such a base of information can be collated most effectively when all the necessary data are maintained in the same system. The various construction solutions of PROMOS consult are designed in such a way that the data available in SAP® can be evaluated clearly at the press of a button. A time-intensive and arduous aggregation using individual transactions becomes superfluous. Moreover, the import of data is simplified for the user with clear data acquisition screens. The solution portfolio covers the entire cycle of the construction process.

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