Small but powerful – PROMOS room administration in our new YouTube clip

In large real estate portfolios, hardly any two properties are the same. For example, while apartments in Windy Street have bathtubs, the bathrooms in Flower Road are equipped with shower cabins. Or maybe some even have both. Does the rental property have a separate cellar compartment, a kitchen or a kitchenette, a balcony, storage room, smoke detectors? The list of possible specifics is long.

To allow you to manage the special architectural features and technical fittings of your real estate holdings efficiently, PROMOS has developed its new room solution – a small but powerful enhancement of the SAP® standard. After all, sometimes it is the smallest solutions that have the greatest everyday impact. In our short tutorial, we show you how management of the fixtures and fittings in SAP® works in detail.

PROMOS room administration also includes an analysis, which can be accessed using the PROREX/REISROOM transaction. This clearly displays the fixtures and fittings in the rooms to help you optimally manage properties, rooms and spaces.

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