Simply compact

Imagine having to present the entire content of your rental contract on just a single sheet of paper. You will probably be able to draw a lot of it from your own memory to begin with, but you will then need to consult your file for the details. What was the actual size of the living area again? And when exactly were the façade and balcony renovated? You now need to find the relevant papers.

While this just requires a little time and concentration in the private sphere, reliable IT support is a must for housing companies with thousands of rental contracts. All contracts are gathered there, together with the associated details, deadlines and correspondence. When tenants call their property management company to protest an outstanding payment, all the customer advisor needs to do is find the associated information in the company’s SAP® system. And preferably without searching for long, as tenants are often in a hurry.

No problem! PROMOS has developed the contract account sheet for precisely this purpose. With just a few clicks, the customer advisor can view all accounting-related information from a contract in a compact overview.

Watch our video to get an impression of what the solution looks like:

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Amazingly simple:

  • Fast means of locating the contracts you are looking for together with the related information
  • Compact overview of current account activity
  • Opportunities to navigate to many other transactions
  • Full control over periods and balances
  • Great informative value for contract accountants, customer advisors or tenants themselves
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