How to win over tenants – integrated service offers in your tenant app

The smartphone boom continues, which means that the market for mobile applications is also thriving. Wanting to find out more, the consulting firm Deloitte has analysed the efficiency potential of tenant apps for the housing industry, revealing great potential for savings.

The results show that, on average, the analogue processing of a damage report takes 150 minutes, or 90 minutes with a tradesman’s interface. If the tenant reports the damage using a tenant app and sends two informative photos, the process can be reduced to an average of 30 minutes. Based on the average rates of smartphone usage in Germany, around 80 percent of damages – be it a heating malfunction or a flooded cellar – could be reported by tenant app.1

Digital tenant communication by app therefore makes perfect sense and is an efficient response to social changes in the way we communicate.

While the most common functions of a good tenant app include defect reports, rental contracts, documents and billing, this direct link to the tenant offers numerous other possibilities. For example, the tenant app can simultaneously act as a customer card. Discounted admission to the nearby zoo, vouchers for the baker next door or even a prize draw for free tickets can be integrated into the tenant app. Direct distribution services using an opt-in procedure, for example between the tenant and electricity provider, also enable the tenant app to offer real added value.

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