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easysquare tenant app

Mobile communication in the easysquare tenant app – where tenants, property managers and craftsmen meet

No matter whether it’s for sending a service charge settlement by electronic means or making an appointment with the property manager or a craftsman – today more and more people want to use their smartphone to do so. With the easysquare tenant app, PROMOS provides a modern solution with which you can provide your services in condensed form in an app and your tenants can perform self-service tasks conveniently for themselves using a smartphone

The easysquare tenant app is a native app for iOS and Android that provides all the benefits of a native app; for example, the use of operating system functions such as GPS, camera, contact data and push notifications. With the app, the tenant has full access to his contract data and can send queries or report defects as part of communication with craftsmen and administrators. In addition to the native app, the web app can be accessed via the browser on a PC. To ensure strong customer loyalty, the app can be provided in the App Store or on Google Play co-branded, that means with the company-specific logo. The tenant can search for the company name in a targeted way.

easysquare Mieter-App als native App für Android, iOS oder Web App für den PC

The structure of the easysquare tenant app is simple and intuitive. In the “Contracts”, “Services” and “Defect report” services, the tenant can carry out activities himself and use information relating to the contractual relationship

“Contracts” service

All contract-related documents and master data from the SAP® system are available to the tenant in the “Contracts” service. For example, this is where he can view his utility statement or general contract and object master data around the clock. In this way, the tenant can keep track of the contractual relationship and all the master data concerning him. Scanned documents, for example from the tenant’s file, can be accessed in the app at any time.

“Defect report” service

The tenant can use the “Defect report” service to report damage or defects in the property, building or living environment. The service then informs him about all status changes in the repairs process by sending him a message. The entire communication between craftsmen and the tenant or property manager, including any necessary queries, takes place via the easysquare tenant app itself.

“Services” service

The tenant can send other requests, such as applications for permission to sub-let or make a structural modification, using the “Services” service. The tenant receives forms he requests, for example a Certificate of Rent Paid, directly in the app. Here, too, the tenant can follow the process sequence via the status information, making repeated enquiries unnecessary. Particularly comfortable is the chat function within the app, by means of which tenants and administrators can easily contact. Unnecessary media disruptions are avoided.

Übersicht der Dienste in der easysquare Mieter-App

Overview of services in the easysquare tenant app

Der Nutzer kann jederzeit auf seine Vertragsdaten zugreifen.

The user can access his contract data at any time.

Schnell und direkt kann der Nutzer einen Schaden melden.

The user can report a damage quickly and directly.

Alle Servicemöglichkeiten können auf einen Blick aufgerufen werden.

All services can be called up at a glance.

Die in der Mieter-App sichtbaren Inhalte können sowohl in Deutsch als auch in Englisch angezeigt werden.

The contant shown in the tenant app can be displayed in both German and English.

Die digitale Pinnwand in der easysquare Mieter-App

The digital pin board in the easysquare tenant app: All house information is up-to-date and clearly available to the user.

Further information

  • Further services: Further services for private customers will be developed on the easysquare platform over the next few years. Additional services may be provided by other housing associations, easysquare GmbH itself or other industry partners.
  • “Neighbourhood” service: An excellent example is the “Neighbourhood” service, which is currently under development. With this service, the app user can offer and look for help in his neighbourhood. He can lend someone a drill, search for a babysitter, offer his help in assembling furniture and find and search for offers and queries from his neighbours in more than 20 other useful categories.

Your benefit

Time and cost savings: Transferring self-service tasks to the tenants saves valuable resources and leads to quantifiable process improvements

Intelligent networking: Easysquare networks all those involved and can be seamlessly linked to other services

Transparent processes: Clear, traceable process sequences generate trust on the part of the tenant and there is no longer a need for repeated enquiries.

Reduction in media interruptions: Media interruptions due to communication via various media, such as phone, email or letter, now become a thing of the past. This saves valuable time.

Ready-to-use SAP® integration: To ensure optimal connection of the tenant app on the easysquare platform with your SAP® system, PROMOS provides you with the ready-to-use plug-in solution easysquare workflow.

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End user

  • Landlords
  • Property managers
  • Tenants

Technical requirements

  • SAP®

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