The building display case is now available in digital form in your tenant/owner app.

View contracts and documents, report damage or submit a service notification – it goes without saying that the three basic services of a good tenant/owner app also feature in the mobile solution from easysquare. And now another service is available that can digitally display much of the information relating to your own property or accounting entity. Vonovia Treuhand Immobilien GmbH is the first customer to implement this convenient service for all parties in its app for apartment owners.

Vonovia Immobilien Treuhand GmbH has been operating its owner app powered by easysquare for around a year. The basic functions alone have already created significant added value for their customers. With further updates and enhancements of the service, the digital offering is now being transformed into an absolute all-round carefree package.

With the new “My COA” service in the app, Vonovia Immobilien Treuhand GmbH has digitalised the traditional display case from the building’s entrance hall. With this service, users can view all the information relating to the property, such as contact persons, the house rules or the owner list. There is also a digital bulletin board where the property management can publish interesting information for residents. Details on the improvement of the property’s garden or the status of a modernisation project can be conveniently shared with the house community. Offline products (owners’ newsletters, notices, information circulars) will now also be distributed through the new service.

The system will automatically provide the new bulletin board service to users as soon as bulletins are available for them. This enables a partial go-live implemented by the ERP system. Content relating to building information is automatically generated in the ERP system and does not need to be managed manually by employees. Bulletin board entries can be easily managed in the easysquare system and initiated as usual via the SAP-GUI browser window. If bulletins have already been published, users are taken straight to them when they open the bulletin board from the COA manager. Administrators can also manage the images available for the bulletins and define image categories. This allows them to control and moderate bulletins straightforwardly.

It’s an absolute win-win situation for everyone involved in the rental process. The time-consuming methods property managers use to pass on information are simplified and printing costs kept to a minimum. Tenants/owners can conveniently view all the required information at any time “at a click”.

Even more functions are currently being developed. For example, tenants and owners will be connected in future via a shared platform including a fully integrated front-end. Watch this space!

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