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easysquare owner app

Manage property effectively in an app

With property comes responsibility! Many small condominium owner associations therefore want to be sure their property is in good hands, and commission a housing company to professionally manage their commitments. To effectively support communications for both the housing company and the owners, easysquare offers a unique digital networking solution. As a central service and communication platform, easysquare promotes transparent interchange in both directions – between the administrator and owner, and between the individual owners in a condominium owner association.

The easysquare owner app is specially tailored to the needs of real estate and condominium owners. Around the clock, they can easily commission repairs, report damage, manage data or contact the administrator. Like all easysquare products, the owner app is available for iOS and Android devices and as a web app for the browser.

In addition to the familiar “Contract” “Defect Report” and “Service” easysquare services, the owner app provides three important functions within a separate

"My COA” service

These functions take particular account of the needs of owners. Owners Within the “Owners” function, all owners are visible with personal profile data. The name and address and membership in a condominium owner association are loaded from the SAP® ERP system of the relevant housing company and made available for the owner list. Activated owners are flagged and it is possible to go to each individual profile, from where users can send individual messages to co-owners.

Bulletin board

In the “Bulletin Board” function, owners in a condominium owner association can exchange information with each other, discuss general topics, comment on posts and get an overview of opinions by way of a survey. The initiator can, for example, select a poll and define its validity period. All postings are visible to all owners in the condominium owner association.

Building information

The “Building Information” function provides owners with an overview of all condominium owner association-related information provided and managed by the condominium owner association administrator. Owners can read this information, but not edit or comment on it. COA administrator information can include permanent building information relating to the condominium owner association, such as the address, building supervisor, administrative board or emergency service for heating, and information that has a time limit, such as information on DVB-T reception. The latter relates to the digital variant of a traditional notice board in the hallway.

easysquare Eigentümer-App für WEG-Verwaltungen

The three services in the easysquare owner app in the box list

Further information

  • For housing companies: Important information for owners can be published and disseminated by the administrator in the easysquare owner app. All entries in the “Building Information” function are managed via the portal and made available for the “My COA” service via the easysquare platform. In addition, the company benefits from other familiar easysquare services, which can be easily integrated in the owner app.
  • For owners with several condominium owner associations: If an owner is assigned to several condominium owner associations, the “Building Information“ and “Bulletin Board” functions are available for each assigned condominium owner association. A filter function can be used to select the relevant condominium owner associations and thus display the information and topics for the selected condominium owner associations. This filter can be changed at any time. In addition, owners in several condominium owner associations have a list of all condominium owner associations assigned to them, and can go from each entry in this list to the owner list of the relevant condominium owner association.

Your benefit

Transparency: Clear, traceable communication establishes trust and permanently reduces difficulties between all participants.

Concentration: All data and key functions are clearly combined in a central application, which makes work easier.

Networking: The easysquare owner app connects administrators and owners and can be seamlessly linked to other services.

SAP® Integration: With the ready-to-use easysquare workflow plug-in solution, you optimally connect the mobile easysquare applications to your SAP® system.

End user

  • Customer advisors
  • Call centre employees
  • Owners
  • COA administrators

Technical requirements

  • Access to the easysquare portal

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