One cockpit for all cases

The decision-makers in housing companies know only too well that only those who remain constantly up to date with new developments and have an overview of their real estate data can be successful on the market today. In order to plausibly visualise the company performance based on key performance indicators, PROMOS is launching a new, attractive tool: the smart Cockpit for KPIs.

Monitoring made easy

In the future, PROMOS will give a helping hand to the management. To allow you to quickly assess the performance of your housing company and make well-founded decisions on this basis, PROMOS provides the KPI Dashboard, a convenient solution for summarising management-specific key figures at a glance.

The new dashboard for SAP Fiori® has the advantage of providing the management with complex information from your ERP system in a simple manner in the form of clear graphs within the company. It brings all the key figures and information together in a central cockpit. The solution can be tailored to specific roles and display metrics targeting a certain point of view or user group.

The formation of relevant key performance indicators, such as average apartment rent or rent multipliers, serves to compress information, thus providing better access to the information.

Which specific key performance indicators are included in the KPI Dashboard is up to the company itself. PROMOS provides a template with a selection of industry-specific KPIs.

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