The easy way to say goodbye to manual sorting

When it comes to utility statements, everyone in the housing industry agrees: no comparable process takes up more human and time resources every year than the complex coordination and agreement processes required to create the utility statement. In many cases, it takes weeks or even months before the audit-proof documents of the statement are on their way to the tenants.

PROMOS consult provides a range of useful aids in SAP® to make the mass process surrounding utility costs easier for housing companies. Thanks to digital data exchange and automated features, your administrators have more time to focus on what’s important. The latest product in our portfolio continues with this principle. We make use of D records to optimise the printing of utility statements including the external statement letters from heating meter-reading companies.

So here’s a message for housing companies that use SAP® standard transactions for these statements: there is no longer any need to manually sort and further process hundreds of statement letters and their attachments and subsequently archive them in SAP®.

Each document in its proper place

With the PROMOS Utilities add-on for PDF printing, the supplied data can be imported and stored in SAP® easily and conveniently. As well as the results records, additional information from PDF statement letters can now also be prepared digitally. For this purpose, heating meter-reading companies will provide you with the individual PDF files for each tenant on request, including an index file. An extensive error check ensures that this data is imported correctly.

Bringing loose threads together

But that’s not all. Documents that previously had to be collated manually can now be printed and archived together at the press of a button. The key advantage is that a central, complete document is saved in the digital tenant record and so made available for business management processes in a transparent way.

What’s more, this little report brings your company one step closer to digitisation. For instance, are you thinking about making the utility statement available to your tenants in an app in the future to save both time and costs? The digital archive fulfils an important prerequisite for this. The more work steps that can be performed digitally, the more saving potentials arise for your housing company.

If you would like to say goodbye to manual sorting of your statement letters and attachments, take a look at our portfolio or write to us.

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