Changing course – the easysquare work basket in the new light of SAP Fiori®

“I don’t know where to start” – a sentence that has been uttered at least once in almost every company. The more tasks an employee has, the more severely a lack of structure affects the way of working. easysquare workflow, with its work basket, is here to help. Our latest video shows how this can be integrated into the new worlds of SAP Fiori®.

Our last video on SAP Fiori® showed you how to find, not just search, and our work basket has also followed this principle from the very beginning. It clearly shows employees all the tasks they need to complete, including the deadlines. They can jump right into the processes with a click and carry out the tasks of their daily business routine. No searching for the required information, no paperwork and no manual to-do lists. Of course, we are staying true to these principles. In the SAP Fiori® world, new functions and design upgrades have now been added that open up whole new realms for the users. You will be astonished by what awaits you in Fiori®!

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