PROMOS harness for EU GDPR provisions

A record fine recently issued by a Berlin data protection authority proves just how strict the data protection regulations of the new GDPR really are. Many companies fear the spectre of the regulations that have now been in force for a year and a half. In order to stay on the safe side when it comes to data protection, companies should therefore ideally also seek legal advice in addition to their technical implementation efforts.

The housing industry is particularly affected by the complex challenges related to GDPR compliance – after all, handling personal data is these companies’ daily bread. Alongside technical support, as is provided in the PROMOS data protection solution package, it is also absolutely essential to raise employee awareness. PROMOS works with companies to create an appropriate deletion and locking system. This serves as a basis for anonymising business partners’ personal data in SAP® RE-FX as well as for complying with the legal obligation to disclose information to requesting individuals. Find out all the details by viewing our portfolio or contact us directly.

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