Be on the safe side: legal opinion regarding document provision in the easysquare apps

The provision of documents makes up a large part of the work processes in the housing industry, be it the rental contract or the annual operating cost statement. All studies performed in the real-estate industry until now confirm that replacing analogue correspondence with digital communication results in time and cost savings of up to 70 percent.

The benefits are undisputed. The only remaining concern is whether all the technical innovations still preserve the legal validity of the documentation. easysquare comes to the rescue here – all customers who use the digital solutions within the legal framework of easysquare can request a legal opinion regarding the document provision.

This legal report affirms that providing operating cost statements and other documents electronically in the tenant app is just as legally compliant as sending them to the tenant by post. A law firm specialising in electronic communication prepared the legal opinion, under its own liability, for easysquare. The opinion describes both the procedure for document provision and the underlying legal basis.

Customers receive the opinion together with an individualised cover letter. The customer is covered by the liability from the legal services contract. Liability is restricted to an amount of EUR 2,500,000 per insurance claim and a maximum of EUR 10 million per insurance year (four times the minimum insurance sum in accordance with Article 59j (2) of the German Federal Lawyers’ Act (BRAO)).

Interested in the legal opinion regarding document provision? Ask your consultant!

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