Information about the current measures at PROMOS as a result of the spread of Covid19

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation that is having a significant impact on our private and professional lives alike. Far-reaching measures have been implemented to protect our health and to preserve the system we are living in as best as possible.

As a company with more than 250 employees, we too view it as our duty to protect our employees, customers and their loved ones with all the means available to us. For this reason, the majority of our employees have already been working from home for a week now, and will continue to do so until further notice. We are aware that this raises important questions for you, which we will answer comprehensively below. But first, we would like to say one thing: our work and the infrastructures and services we provide are in no way affected. We continue to provide you with the usual PROMOS quality and continue to perform our tasks and projects conscientiously and reliably.

Can I reach my contact person at PROMOS as usual?

Yes! All PROMOS employees are fully equipped with the technology required to perform their services from home and are working hard to implement your current and planned projects as well as process your inquiries. You can reach our Support team via the usual methods and at the usual times. Our consultants and Sales employees are also available via phone, video conference or e-mail. Furthermore, a skeleton staff is operating at our reception in Berlin between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Are on-site appointments taking place?

In accordance with the recommendations of the German Federal Government and the Robert Koch Institute, we will not be providing face-to-face appointments until further notice to avoid the risk of infection. However, we have the appropriate infrastructure to advise and support you comprehensively and without restrictions remotely by phone, e-mail or video conference as well as by means of remote maintenance. You do not need any special software or hardware for this. You can even use your personal devices for appointments with our employees. Our staff have been working from home successfully and to the complete satisfaction of our customers for a week now.

Are the infrastructures and services affected by the measures to contain Covid19?

No. Our data centre operations and the solutions we provide are available in full and in the usual quality regardless of the current situation and any future developments.

My company is experiencing staff shortages due to the current situation. Can PROMOS support us?

Our aim is to support our customers so that they can carry out their core business as well as possible. This, of course, particularly applies for difficult situations such as the one we are facing at present. For this reason, we have various support options available for you, such as in the following areas:

  • Regular financial reporting (determination of option rate, debit position, and the like)
  • Creation of correspondence templates (OPCC, SmartForms, etc.)
  • Mass printing via our partners (initial discussions have already taken place with FP IAB from Berlin)

If you require any of these services, do not hesitate to contact the usual contact persons or send us a contact inquiry.

How is PROMOS preparing for an escalation of the current situation?

Since last week, we have been making extensive preventative preparations for various scenarios to guarantee projects can be implemented as planned. For example, employees have been issued exemptions in case a full lockdown is imposed.

If you have more far-reaching or individual questions, your personal contact person and the PROMOS management board will be happy to help you. We are certain we can master the current situation together with you. For the coming weeks and months, we would like to wish you one thing above all: stay healthy!

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