Seamlessly mapped – rent deferral, payment in instalments and new notice periods in SAP® and the easysquare tenant app

In order to protect tenants against eviction as a result of rental debts caused by COVID-19, the legislature currently grants you the option to defer payment. How does this affect the managers of rental objects? Where do adjustments need to be made in the SAP® system? And which useful features can be implemented in the easysquare tenant app?

What exactly does the new law include?

The “Act to Mitigate the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic under Civil, Insolvency and Criminal Procedure Law” published at the end of March 2020, specifies that tenants who default on their payments in the period from 1 April to 30 June 2020 cannot be evicted for this reason. This is on the condition that the inability to pay is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The outstanding amount can be repaid in instalments over the course of two years until 30 June 2022. Technical mapping of the legal specifications in SAP® can be done in various ways depending on the company and is based on the requirements of the housing or real-estate company in question.

Which adjustments can be made in SAP® to map the new law?

There are various tuning mechanisms in SAP® that can be used to reduce manual effort for implementing the COVID-19 Act and avoid mistakes in the rental termination and dunning procedure.

First, a dunning lock can be set up so that the affected items are excluded from the dunning run during the period from April to June 2020 and, as a result, do not receive a dunning notice. The dunning letter should also be modified. Another thing that is advantageous is to add a dunning lock to the contract, which takes effect as soon as the check has been performed to see whether the non-payment is actually a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As any rental arrears that have accrued can be cleared over a period of two years, any claims arising in this connection must be posted separately in the system as instalment payments. Setting up payment and dunning locks makes it easier to evaluate the data and output contracts for which instalment payments are to be agreed.

If the arrears that have arisen are not settled within the time limit until June 2022, the right to evict the tenant will become effective again. This connection should also be mapped in the system to provide support.

How might support in the easysquare tenant app look?

For many tenants and landlords, the easysquare tenant app is vital for contact and communication in the current situation. Landlords can provide their tenants with useful documents, tips and information easily and conveniently. The flexibility and easy adaptability of the easysquare tenant app is particularly useful for this. Applications to pay in instalments, including an upload function for evidence, digital signature and delivery of the agreement – all of this can be processed digitally from end to end based on our all-round approach. A special “Corona tile” can also be integrated into the carousel of the start menu on a customer-specific basis.

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