The easysquare tenant app as a digital link to your tenants – we guarantee fast implementation and high quality!

Remaining connected wirelessly? This is no problem with the easysquare tenant app. The widely tested application allows tenants to use the services of the classic customer centre digitally via self-service and an integrated messaging function. And the really special thing? The easysquare tenant app can be up and running at your company, too, within a very short space of time!

Its functions – digital and automated

There is a huge range of reasons for tenants to contact their property managers. From a simple report of defects to a query regarding a Certificate of Rent Paid right up to complex questions about the operating cost statement they’ve received – every issue must be processed quickly and transparently. With the use of the easysquare tenant app, our goal is to digitise tenant communication and process issues with the greatest possible degree of automation. Particularly in light of the current situation, this will allow you to reduce the workload for scarce human resources and guarantee a smooth, high-quality process even without personal contact. Contracts and documents are available to the tenant directly in the app. Service and defect reports can be submitted digitally and traced there at any time.

What’s more, with the integrated neighbourhood function, you create unique added value for your tenants that has two plus points at present: you provide them with a platform to communicate digitally with others in their community. Want to offer a helping hand with the weekly shopping? Someone needs a dog sitter at short notice? Simply publish a digital notice in the easysquare tenant app and wait for responses. And, incidentally, a mutually supportive house community promotes order and consideration for others, which in turn increases tenant satisfaction. It’s an absolute win-win situation for everyone involved!

Our promise – rapid implementation and improved quality

Have you been thinking about paths to digital tenant communication for a while now but have yet to seize the opportunity? We have good news for you. As an expert for digitisation, we know all the organisational barriers when introducing new solutions and can safely navigate you through the confusing obstacle course.

In close cooperation, we trace out together which functions are particularly useful for your company and your tenants, whether individual adjustments should be made, and how the easysquare tenant app should be incorporated into your business processes. As well as a standard implementation, we also offer the option to introduce our easysquare tenant app without integration into your ERP system – a process that takes much less time. A subsequent enhancement or specialisation of the application in follow-up projects is possible at any time.

Our promise: no matter what form your individual path takes, we guarantee you a product in top quality that allows you to digitise your services for all tenants at all levels. Get in touch! We will be happy to advise you.

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Die easysquare Mieter-App digitalisiert Ihre Kommunikation mit dem Mieter.

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