Are you ready for the future? On experience values and qualification for SAP Fiori® projects

As digitisation experts, we know that a strong hands-on mentality is not the only thing that is required when it comes to taking courageous steps towards innovation. In addition to conscientious preparation, experience and targeted communication with all those involved in the project, what is needed above all is extensive specialist know-how. In customer projects at PROMOS consult, these various threads all come together in a concentrated bundle of knowledge and expertise in order to support you.

Expanding our knowledge for SAP Fiori® projects

The new web interfaces of SAP Fiori® are currently among the most frequently requested innovations on the market. The quantum leap that companies experience when using the user-oriented Fiori® user interface compared with conventional transaction-based SAP® templates is unparalleled in SAP’s history to date. However, as broad as the range of options that can be used in Fiori® is, many have yet to venture into these new worlds. As one of the first system companies in the industry, PROMOS has not only migrated numerous property and real-estate companies to the new S/4HANA® Business Suite, but also put the first Fiori® environment into live operation for one of our customers at the beginning of 2020. To ensure that we can tap the full potential of Fiori® for you, our employees attend regular training courses. Thomas Banasiak, consultant in the Financials area, recently completed the “5Steps2Fiori” seminar as well as the follow-up event “10Steps2S4” offered by SAP: “Both my own high quality standards for my work as well as those of the company as a whole are what drive me to present customers with the best possible results. In the training courses, I gained in-depth insights into the configuration and special features of Fiori® that have significantly enhanced by knowledge. Now I can bring this new level of expertise into current and future projects. This enables us to significantly accelerate project completion times and increase user satisfaction, which is particularly significant for the acceptance of new technologies”.

Passing on expertise

PROMOS’ philosophy has always been to handle knowledge and experience transparently. OurPROMOS.GT  solution library, where customers are continuously provided with product improvements and innovations from ongoing projects, or our extensive online portfolio with detailed product descriptions are not the only things that demonstrate this. The regular transfer of knowledge that takes place within the company is also a fundamental component of this mindset. New expertise acquired from external training courses and experience from projects is specifically passed on. Diana Beyer, Director of Human Resource and Organization, explains the concept: “Our employees are required to actively share their knowledge. This can take the form of one-on-one training sessions directly at a workstation, or our newly developed meeting points are also extremely suitable when working with smaller groups. There are also regular company-wide training courses and information meetings that anyone who is interested can attend in person or via video connection. After each event, we make the relevant materials available on our intranet. Incidentally, there is also a small digital library here with online reading material and a directory containing the specialist literature available at PROMOS”. Every director or team leader plans the required training together with their department. This ensures needs-based and targeted expansion of knowledge.

You too can benefit from our balanced mixture of experience and expertise for your next project. We are looking forward to seeing where your individual Fiori® journey takes you.

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