Professional app now also for Android

For years now, easysquare’s professional app has been helping companies in the housing industry optimise their processes to achieve significant time and cost savings The easysquare app provides an intuitive and simple way for employees such as property managers, caretakers, craftsmen or service providers to control mobile work steps, which are centrally mapped in ERP systems like SAP®, using conventional devices on site.

The app is now also available for Android in a new modern tile design under the name “easysquare professional app” in the app stores. This allows housing companies that chiefly use Android devices to finally also benefit from the efficient logic and intuitive operation of the mobile application.

These will include:

  • Seamless integration of SAP® master data into mobile forms
  • Reintegration of data recorded on mobile devices into the SAP® System
  • Connectivity with easysquare workflow and the associated process transparency
  • Integration of customer-specific forms for unplanned processes

The biggest advantage of this cloud-based platform solution is its flexible and scalable infrastructure, which can also be used without connecting to an ERP system.

Does your company primarily use Android devices to handle mobile processes? Then this is the solution for you! Contact us now.

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