Calling all COAs! These things are now simpler than ever for you.

December 2020 brought an important legal change for COA administrators and apartment owners: the reform to Germany’s residential property law, or Wohneigentumsgesetz (WEG). The WEMoG, the reform act modernising the WEG, came into effect on 1 December 2020. We want to take a close look today at all the related changes that enable simpler, more digitised decision making.

Paving the way for digital owners’ meetings

While the old WEG required in-person attendance at owners’ meetings, the reform now allows COAs to make steps towards digitisation. There is now an option to take part in owners' meetings electronically. While this does require a special decision by the COA and the possibility of in-person attendance must still be provided, this is still a valuable development for many owners in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. The law makes no stipulations on the “how” of technical implementation. Owners are thus free to use the medium of their choosing.

Say goodbye to paper – the new digital power of attorney

Circular resolutions will soon also be free to undergo digitisation. Rather than being required in physical writing, as thus far, they can now take any textual form. To put it clearly, this means that voting proxy rights can now be issued via e-mail, Internet platform or app. The same applies to calls to meetings, which can now also take any textual form.

Decision-making with no detours

There are also numerous other changes to the decision-making process, mainly affecting majority ratios and the stipulated minimum number of participants for owners’ meetings. For example, the owners’ meeting now has a quorum regardless of how many owners are in attendance, eliminating the rescheduling effort frequently required in the past.[1]

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