From small to large – new tile format for your easysquare app

We create just the world you want. The high level of customisability is one of the biggest strengths of our solutions and services. That also goes for design. This means that easysquare white label apps can be branded to match your specific corporate design. A new feature is the ability to adjust the service tiles in the app.

The colourful possibilities of co-branding

Co-branding offers a whole range of options for adjusting the easysquare white label apps to achieve a high level of identification with your company. Your app can already make its first big appearance in the app stores. A short slogan, carefully selected screenshots, an attractive colour scheme – together, we create an inviting gateway for your target group. An individually adjustable swipe intro greets users on the path towards complete usability. Various elements within the app itself can be tailored to your corporate design. A harmonious colour scheme for headlines, buttons, tiles or graphic design elements combined with your company logo and your selected background image on the welcome screen ensure a highly recognisable aesthetic. With expertise gained over many successful customer projects, we guide you through these choice and further options for designing your app. But what is special about the new tile format?

Two file formats to cover all cases

Users navigate through the easysquare apps via a modern tile design. Previously, the colour design and notification text could be freely configured along with the icons for the services represented by the tiles. Starting now, you can also choose between two different tile sizes. The smaller tiles are especially suitable when there is a high number of available services. This allows more services to be displayed at one time and keeps the required scrolling to a minimum. Larger tiles, in turn, offer the advantage of more space for a longer headline.

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