Use easysquare as your canvas – the auto-rotating carousel as a new tool for co-branding

What should your easysquare app look like? In addition to questions of content and functionality, the structure and design obviously play quite an important role here. After all, who wants to use an app that doesn’t feel good? This is why we regularly update the co-branding options for our easysquare white label apps. The latest new element for your individual app design is now available: the auto-rotating carousel.

Why co-branding?

With easysquare we offer your tenants, business partners and employees tailor-made apps that they associate with your company at first glance. It’s that special aquamarine blue, that distinctive component in the logo or the clear serifs in the font that let the user immediately recognise that they’re dealing with your company. And this is precisely why these corporate design elements should also feature in your easysquare app. Co-branding options provide you with a wide range of design possibilities. In addition to colours, logos and icons, the banner carousel is a popular design element used to set both aesthetic and content-related accents.

Why is the banner carousel now also available with movement?

The banner carousel can be used to present various types of content in a lively and vivid manner. Up to now, users have had to swipe through the provided content themselves. To make things even more dynamic, the banner carousel now continues turning automatically. Users are thus automatically presented with different content throughout their time on the app. In this way, you can steer the user’s attention to the content of your choosing in a highly targeted manner. This dynamic behaviour lends your app a modern, appealing quality. At the same time, the automatic rotation also ensures an even weighting of your content. The focus is no longer on the very first banner by default.

Need consulting?

The easysquare white label apps are continuously being developed further. Our desire is to achieve the best result for your target groups. It was only recently that we created a new way to integrate widgets for even greater individuality and user convenience. Co-branding is always carried out hand in hand with the customer, since nobody knows your company’s corporate design as well as you yourself. So let’s work together to draw up your individual customer app – with you acting as the insider for your company and us as the real estate app experts! We can’t wait to get started.

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