SAP development at PROMOS – who is behind the clever solutions?

SAP solutions from PROMOS are individual, versatile and useful. But how is the tailored program code created? As a customer, you are usually in contact with one or more specialist consultants or the PROMOS support team. The creatives and thinkers who code and develop at PROMOS often remain in the background.

But who are these brainboxes? What makes their work so special? What motivates them? And how does the team work together? Today, various developers give insights into their work.

A wide range of tasks, such deploying new technologies, implementing individual customer wishes and pursuing one’s own targeted project work, are all part of the developer’s job description, which many mistakenly believe to be monotonous. Have a look at the points involved in the software development process and why the developers at PROMOS “don’t go a day without laughing about something” (Alexandra Hajdu, software developer).

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