The advantage of content for even more interaction in your tenant app

Thanks to social media, many of us are already real professionals in dealing with terms such as interaction rate, reach and click-through rate. The equation is usually quite simple: exciting content at short intervals ensures that you have more and especially active followers. It is a highly desired goal. This social media one-to-one communication can also be transferred to tenant apps and their users. How do you simply create more content for your users?

Practical functions such as defect reports, the retrieval of contracts or digital building information make the easysquare tenant app a useful application for your tenants. However, the following question often arises quickly: How do users consistently encourage continuous use of the easysquare app? Assuming that an app is user-friendly and has an appealing design, it must be particularly fun to use and offer added value in terms of content. PROMOS has thus developed various functions with which you can offer your users more content and interaction options. The video will illustrate the exclusive advantages of the marketplace with its voucher and discount code function as well as the neighbourhood and chat function. Dive in and make your easysquare tenant app even more attractive for your tenants now!

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