PROMOS construction account cleverly upgraded for moderne stadt – the new PDF export

The PROMOS construction account is one of our customers’ most popular construction management tools. The solution clearly aggregates all individual documents of a project in SAP® via the project hierarchy in an ALV list. At moderne stadt GmbH (moderne stadt), the PROMOS construction account now offers another useful function.

The PROMOS construction account as an important tool in construction project management

The PROMOS construction account is already striking in its basic configuration. At the touch of a button, relevant documents and key figures are generated in SAP® for any construction project. Manual compilation from different lists becomes superfluous when using the clever tool, which saves the individual processor a great deal of time and effort. Using the solution could not be easier. A selection screen is used to select the required data and determine criteria for the output, such as the project period or posting date. The user subsequently receives a clear breakdown in ALV format which, depending on requirements, can contain a wide variety of key figures, such as budget values, actual costs or cost plans. The data can then be exported for further processing in SAP® BW or Excel. It was at this point that moderne stadt wanted a useful extension of the range of functions.

PDF export now at the touch of a button

moderne stadt is the urban development company from Stadtwerke Köln GmbH and the city of Cologne. The company has been implementing major urban development projects in Cologne for the last 50 years. In order for the future use of the PROMOS construction account to be even more efficient than at present, moderne stadt approached PROMOS at the end of 2020 with the request for an option to export the construction account from SAP® to their auditor in PDF format. Christoph Haselbauer, project manager at moderne stadt, described the initial situation as follows: “It was not easy to convert the output Excel files into the required PDF format. We were also missing certain columns in the output file, such as the payee. As a future-oriented company, it was important to us to find an automated solution here.” After a precise definition of the objective, the PROMOS experts set about implementing an automated PDF export directly from SAP®. The challenge was to use the corresponding supplier report to create exactly the same representation as displayed in the PROMOS construction account in SAP®. Today, the responsible employees are already working with the export option at the touch of a button. “We have already had very good experience when cooperating with PROMOS on previous projects, such as in the implementation of an in-house cash solution for our work within the Group. This order also enabled us to be impressed yet again with the professional work method of PROMOS, and we were very satisfied with the uncomplicated and harmonious cooperation,” Haselbauer summarised the latest successful project.

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