The source of innovation – where do easysquare app features originate?

As an attentive reader, you may follow our easysquare tech blog and monthly release notes , or maybe you’ve been a guest at our OpenPromos User Forum. We spread the word about the latest product innovations in our easysquare app family via many channels. But where do all the new features come from, and how is product management organised at easysquare? Our product managers and team leaders explain in our latest video.

From the digital bulletin board to generic appointment booking and right through to the translation function, all these product innovations originate in our product management team. A team of clever, creative minds is experimenting, optimising and regularly ensuring that our easysquare apps and their features are ready for the market. As a link between the project and the product, the product manager keeps an eye on the wishes of our customers as well as the general market situation and the resulting requirements. Not to mention the extensive testing of new features ;-)

The product management work at PROMOS consult is varied and complex. But hold on a minute! Our product managers and team leaders can explain this much better. That’s why we give them the stage in our new video:

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