Sneak preview of our IT&I article on the PROMOS account report in SAP Fiori®

A dedicated project team at PROMOS has been working hard on a very special product innovation in recent months. We’ll soon explain in detail what our imaginary property manager Jan has to do with this solution in our IT&I magazine, but we’re giving you a short preview of the new PROMOS account report today.

Allow us to introduce you. This is Jan. Jan is a property manager, and he’s in close contact with his tenants every day. He receives numerous questions on the phone: Why did I receive a payment reminder? I need an account report, can you send me one? I have a new bank account, what do I need to do? How long is my notice period? To find answers for all these questions, Jan can use the new PROMOS account report for SAP Fiori®. It allows him to easily search the system for the person on the other end of the line, get an overview of their contracts and provide the right information – all during the telephone call. At the same time, the tool alerts him to any irregularities so he can clarify them directly with the tenant. Why hasn’t the rent been paid for two months? Do we have the current bank details? If the situation can be cleared up, Jan can enter the data in the system and make note of a discussion with the contractual partner.

Doesn’t that sound great? Our project team at PROMOS thought so too, so they formulated and implemented precisely such considerations as requirements for the new solution. We will report in detail on the valuable results and the numerous functions for property management in the next issue of our PROMOS customer magazine “Informationstechnologie & Immobilien”. Subscribe now for the print or online edition and our article will automatically arrive in your mailbox in March: Subscribe to IT&I

For a sneak preview, you can take a look at the PROMOS account report in advance here:

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