Heroes don’t always wear capes – a typical working day for a support consultant at PROMOS

A demanding and highly varied profession. A job that will stretch you to your limits every day. What are we talking about? Our support consultants at PROMOS! You may be surprised, but the tasks of a support consultant are probably not quite what you would imagine.

When you think of support requests, the first pictures that spring to mind will probably be people despairing because they don’t know why their Internet has stopped working once again. Or people in fits of rage because the technology is refusing to work as it should. We have all experienced such moments where we long for someone capable to come to our rescue. In reality, however, the typical working day of a support consultant at PROMOS is rather different. They are detectives, (technical) doctors and caretakers, helpers and IT pros. What do our support consultants at PROMOS do? And what requirements do they have to meet for the job in application service? Watch our video to see them speak for themselves and give us a personal insight into what makes their work at PROMOS so special:

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