High data quality in all areas – the PROMOS data governance tool for TAG Immobilien AG

High-quality data is indispensable for automating business and increasing service quality, especially in mass processes. PROMOS cooperated with TAG Immobilien AG to develop the PROMOS Data Governance Tool, which eliminates the need for manual data checks. TAG has seen a significant increase in its data quality as a result.

Incorrect or missing data is often a source of considerable extra work, as it always has to be checked and post-processed. What causes this? Humans aren’t perfect: they might forget to maintain the end of the condition in the contract when processing a rental reduction or fail to activate a rental contract in the system after it has been signed. And maybe a business partner’s title is missing in the system, or a date of birth has been registered incorrectly. Even the most minuscule errors, however, can lead to a considerable amount of work and lost revenue. TAG Immobilien AG saw a need for improvement here and collaborated with its partner PROMOS consult to develop a solution that significantly reduces this workload and increases the company’s efficiency and data quality even more – the PROMOS Data Governance Tool.

At the heart of the tool is a cockpit used to define and edit different rules for plausibility and completeness checks. The cockpit was designed to ensure that our customers’ key users can control it after appropriate training. Using this range of rules and logics, the tool searches through the master data and checks whether certain information is available and correct. A good example is the contract activation mentioned above. The PROMOS Data Governance Tool periodically checks for rental contracts that have not yet been activated as of the contract start date. Upon detecting such a contract, the tool notifies the responsible administrator via easysquare workflow. They are then able to activate or, if it has not been signed, delete the contract within this data quality process. The checks can be carried out individually as needed or automatically on a regular basis.

For simple checks, multiple activities are combined into a list for processing as a sub-process. The number of activities per sub-process can be pre-configured manually. This means that a separate sub-process can be implemented for each activity, even when handling more complex processing tasks.

However, activities that require preliminary work, such as condition transfer posting, can be passed directly from the process to another employee for processing within a child process. This employee, in turn, has the opportunity to ask questions and leave comments within the process. The original mother process for the data quality check is then only completed once the associated child process has also been finalised with the transfer postings.

The all-round solution for data quality

The combination of the Data Governance Cockpit for creating and adjusting control rules along with downstream data quality processes in mother and child versions provides a holistic foundation to maintain data quality in your SAP® system. With the PROMOS Data Governance Tool, your key users have just the tool they need to first define and automatically check your inspection rules in accordance with your internal and external control systems, and then to carry out any post-processing and corrections within workflows.

The main benefit of the data quality process is increased efficiency. Detecting gaps in master data at an early stage results not only in less time spent correcting faulty processes, but also a constantly maintained higher overall data quality. There’s a wide range of potential application fields – the solution can be applied to master data as well as to certain combinations of transaction data.

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