What do 20 years of successful cooperation look like? The managing director, authorised signatories and employees of DOGEWO21 tell the success story of a shared journey

DOGEWO21 is an innovative pioneer in the housing market. With a strong partner at their side, they have regularly produced new digital workflows and strategies for over 20 years now. How did the collaboration with PROMOS start back then? And what does the future hold? The managing director, authorised signatories and employees of DOGEWO21 answer these questions.

When celebrating the 20th anniversary of what has so far been an exciting and successful collaboration, PROMOS asked DOGEWO21 how they made the decision to choose PROMOS as its digitization partner and what have been the key milestones on their journey together up to this point. They describe shared digitization projects and the effects on the company, customers and tenants. For example, as a target-driven company, they have relied on features such as the tenant app since 2021, and are a leading innovator in the sector. In February 2022, they were one of the first companies to make it possible to digitally access monthly consumption information for utilities – much to the tenants’ delight.

We naturally also wanted to know more about what form our shared journey would take in the future. DOGEWO21’s managing director as well as its authorised signatories and employees in IT, technology and accounting were asked about this. Is digitization the key to success in the real-estate sector? We asked the questions – they gave the answers. But why don’t you watch yourself and hear what the DOGEWO21 employees have to say about it?

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