Complex can be so easy – successful première for PROMOS.GT ready2

Companies in the real estate and housing industry face many different challenges, and navigating them via company systems often seems a complex task. It doesn’t have to be this way. With the right technological basis, you can digitise your processes and benefit from smooth, efficient workflows. PROMOS consult supports companies with digital transformation and during EXPO REAL presented the new complete SAP® system PROMOS.GT ready2. Find out more in our article and video:

More efficient workflows in day-to-day business, a transparent view of operational processes, automated routine tasks to save resources, and a valid database for sound decision-making – the aims for digitisation are defined clearly. However, the way to achieve them is not always as clear. Technical equipment is therefore a must for real estate and housing companies, and ERP is the key to success.

One absolute prerequisite is that the system acts as a central hub and provides the flexibility and openness required for all the company’s applications. After all, the industry must overcome many challenges, such as the general provision of housing, the German Energy Saving Ordinance, the shortage of skilled workers and the transformation taking place in our working world. To help companies get ahead in a digital world, PROMOS consult presented the new, integrated and future-proof ERP system PROMOS.GT ready2 during EXPO REAL 2022.

As a template or blueprint, PROMOS.GT ready2 quickly provides a preconfigured, ready-to-use SAP® system for the real estate industry. With SAP® and the PROMOS.GT solution library as the technological basis, customers benefit from SAP innovation cycles. Thanks to the modular structure, they can also decide for themselves which functions to add to the standard system, and when. The functional scope can be expanded to meet requirements. In this way, PROMOS consult helps companies to digitise at their own pace.

Our video explains further advantages of PROMOS.GT ready2 and the highlights that await in the areas of real estate management, financial accounting or construction and maintenance:

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