Pioneering solution for the real estate industry – the integrated SCHUFA interface for SAP®

These days it’s hard to imagine processing rentals in Germany without the SCHUFA credit score information. After all, it’s the most effective way to quickly check the creditworthiness of both potential tenants and existing tenants. However, manually transferring enquiries from the B2C and B2B area to SCHUFA is a bit tedious. The SCHUFA interface from PROMOS offers the perfect solution for all ERP customers looking to automate this step. Check out the details in our newsletter article.

Credit information at a glance

The SCHUFA interface for SAP® enables real estate companies to request information directly from SCHUFA from within their SAP® system, thus integrating professional decision management into their business processes in a quick and cost-effective manner. In addition, all relevant information about the rental is displayed in one place. A bar at the top of the screen organises everything clearly into several tabs, making it possible to quickly retrieve important data such as address, address overviews, identification data and much more. All detailed information is listed in the lower part of the screen. Symbols clearly indicate the current status of the SCHUFA credit score information as well as whether a read authorisation or write authorisation is available.

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