Project reports, interviews, a look back at the past and recommendations for the future – the new IT&I is here!

In the age of digitisation, the rapid progress of technologies and techniques is driving growth. What is possible today would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Read our 35th issue of IT&I to find out how companies in the real estate industry have taken advantage of this in recent months, what you might learn from it for your company and what you can look forward to in the future.

Success and growth are the goals of every company – today they are inconceivable without forward-looking action and digital applications. Of course, many employees and managers of large companies in the real estate industry know this. Smaller newcomers also rely on digital solutions to drive their companies forward. The latest issue of IT&I presents TAG Immobilien AG’s Mission Future – a project without borders. In cooperation with the PROMOS development team, the large real estate company has modernised virtually all its operating workflows. Within a short period of time, Talyo, an expert in property management, was able to implement a prefabricated operating system that was completely adapted to the needs of the young company. You can read all about this too in the reference report.

In our “7 Questions for...” series, the managing director of ProPotsdam, Jörn-Michael Westphal, answers key questions regarding innovation, growth and digitisation. The company is, after all, a pioneer in sustainable housing projects and social commitment. One of the reasons ProPotsdam manages 17,000 flats so well is because they rely on modern systems and the simplification of workflows. Chief Sales Officer of PROMOS, Thoralf Beyer, talks in an interview about the cooperation between PROMOS and Aareal Bank AG. What will digital payments look like in the future? How will real estate companies and their tenants benefit? He answers these questions and many others in detail in the interview.

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