The key to the digital change of tenant process

Is one of your tenants moving out? As you know, the change of tenant process is no child’s play. When a tenant moves out, there are numerous steps to be taken before the next tenant can move into a residential property. Has damage been caused? Do cosmetic repairs have to be carried out? Are there changes to the rooms to be recorded? All these questions can only be answered once your property manager has gained a detailed picture of the condition of the property. This effort can be significantly reduced by using the easysquare Professional app. At the same time, you increase the quality of your master data – and in just a single step.

The change of tenant process with easysquare

With easysquare Professional, you give your property managers the key to greater efficiency and data quality – in the truest sense of the word. This is because handover logs are completed digitally on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. No time for pen and paper. Digital submission speeds up processes and avoids errors during data transfer. Your mobile processes are seamlessly transferred to your ERP system. At the same time, your property managers can access all important information anywhere at any time. You can read about all the benefits and features of the solution in our updated portfolio. We would like to present two of them to you today.

Room solution – effortless data management thanks to mobile recording of furnishing features

Is there a change of tenant after many years and the furnishing on site no longer matches the image of the property in your system? No problem! With the easysquare Professional app, existing fixtures, rooms or other furnishing features can be easily added or removed during the inspection. A dialogue for reintegration ensures that the data is synchronised with the ERP system. All rooms and furnishing features are stored in a separate tab of the rental property and are therefore always up to date. It’s is an invaluable advantage if everyone in the company can work with the same up-to-date information. You improve your service and your tenants benefit from your employees’ increased ability to provide information.

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