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Subject: Contract Management

easysquare change of tenant

Implement a change of tenant on a mobile, SAP®-integrated basis

As one of the key processes in property management the process for a change of tenant can be performed on a mobile basis without any problems. The master data for an object or that of the tenant from the SAP® system can be integrated almost seamlessly into the digital forms of the easysquare mobile app. In this way, the processor can record the data on site on his terminal device and then send the completed form back to the SAP® system for further processing. In the context of a reintegration dialog, the mobile data can be merged back into the SAP® system.

Periods of vacancy involve significant costs for the owner. Housing companies therefore benefit from an end-to-end, mobile, system-integrated change of tenant with easysquare, with a process that monitors the entire chain of events, from the final inspection to the handover of the residential property. The “change of tenant with SAP® ERP integration” standard product provides the option to implement a powerful, extensively field-tested mobile process in the company with low implementation costs.

easysquare Mieterwechsel

There are numerous processing steps to take into account during a change of tenant – both in the housing company’s ERP system and in the mobile system on site. Easysquare provides you with a simple and convenient solution to ensure that the process of changing tenants goes smoothly.

Mobile on-site support

The connecting element for communication between the individuals and groups involved in the change of tenant process is digital forms. Digital forms are sent from the SAP® system to the easysquare platform and already contain all the key information, such as the address, deadline, and name of the tenant and the fixtures and fittings characteristics of the object. The employee responsible receives the digital form in the easysquare professional app inbox, either in the native app for iOS / Android or in the web app for PCs and smartphones.

The inspection or handover of a residential property is performed on a mobile basis and the form is completed on site. The employee benefits from user-friendly recording in the app; for example thanks to predefined catalogues and checklists. The tenant and landlord sign directly on the iPad. The data recorded in the preliminary acceptance report is then available in the final acceptance report. The procedure remains transparent and comprehensible for all those involved.

SAP® ERP integration

The recorded data – the fixtures and fittings characteristics of the rental object, preferred address, communication data and the tenant’s bank details – is written back to the SAP® system. Of course, the data can be checked beforehand based on a confirmation dialogue. Logs in PDF format can then be archived with the lease-out, sent to the tenant by e-mail or can be used for the forwarding of the meter readings to the provider. The entire process is controlled via easysquare workflow and guides the employees clearly through the individual processing steps.

Das mobile Formular mit Objektdaten in der easysquare mobile App auf dem iPad für den Mieterwechsel
The mobile form - object data
Das mobile Formular zur Objektbegehung im Rahmen des Mieterwechsels in der easysquare mobile App auf dem iPad
The mobile form - inspection
SAP Prozessschritt eines Mieterwechsels in easysquare workflow

The easysquare workflow process in SAP®

Further information

  • Sending an Outlook appointment to the responsible employee. On request, the tenant can receive the appointment via e-mail, among other things.
  • Display of further SAP® data in the mobile form; for example the current balance of the tenant account, notes on the lease-out and much more.
  • Display of archived appendices in the mobile form, e.g. the termination or lease-out.
  • Creation of OPCC correspondence that can be sent by e-mail in addition to the inspection form or handover form.
  • Sending of meter reading to the provider.
  • Simultaneous performance of inspection with handover of residential properties.
  • Documentation of damages by photographs directly in the form.
  • Data transfer from the preliminary acceptance to the final acceptance and handover.

The following additional functions can also be implemented:

  • Automatic creation of a maintenance notification in SAP® based on the damages recorded in the mobile form, including the jump from the easysquare workflow process into the notification processing.
  • Maintenance of rooms and assignment of fixtures and fittings characteristics to rooms. The fixtures and fittings characteristics are initially recorded mobile per room and then after checking integrated backward into the SAP® system.

Your benefit

Time savings: The integration of smartphone features such as selection catalogues, a signature function and a camera accelerate data entry, and the connection to the ERP system provides significant process advantages for providing and archiving data.

Transparency: All the recorded data is available at all times. This ensures that the process remains transparent and comprehensible for all those involved.

Cost savings: Eliminating paper forms makes the multitude of carbon copies unnecessary and saves money.

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End user

  • Customer advisors
  • Administrators
  • House care takers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • lease-out management
  • easysquare workflow
  • easysquare professional app

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