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easysquare contract record

Manage documents easily with easysquare contract record

With easysquare contract record, you receive a product that enables you to manage documents in a structured and clear manner. This solution is fully integrated into the SAP® ERP system and can thus access all the data. The term “document” is broadened here and is not restricted to incoming and outgoing mail for conventional paper files. SAP® transactions, reports, analyses, links to intranet pages or websites, maintenance notifications and much more can also be included in the content of the digital record. The generated documents are sorted and the records created automatically without the need for any additional administrative work on the part of the employee.

The link to easysquare workflow provides additional benefits. The two solutions can be ideally combined, allowing access to the contract record directly from within the workflows. At the same time, a workflow and all its information is linked to the contract record in content-related subfolders.

The contract record is generated automatically when a new lease-out is created in the system. Every lease-out has its own record, which contains written documents such as the lease-out, special approvals, invoices, utility statement letters, rent adjustments, maintenance notifications and correspondence, but also transactions, reports, e-mails and entire easysquare workflows. The easysquare contract record is made up of a record header and a tree-like structure.

Everything at a glance in the record header

The header of the record contains important information regarding the object and tenant concerned. For example, the contract number, name of the main and sub-tenant with a customer account, the contact partner such as the Facility Manager, responsible administrator and the address of the rental object are displayed here. The information provided in the standard can be adapted and enhanced on a customer-specific basis.

Fast orientation thanks to a tree structure

The tree-like structure of the contract record is the basis of a clear display. This is discussed and implemented on a customer-specific basis as part of the implementation project. The PROMOS best practices are used for this. At this point, the parties decide which content should be located in which part of the record and automatically saved there. Users can jump to SAP® transactions or to objects that are relevant for the record, such as the rental object and any sub-records, at any time.

easysquare Vertragsakte in SAP
easysquare contract record

Further information

  • Direct access: The option to jump directly from the master data object in question to the digital contract record gives users the means to access information without having to spend time searching for it. The document the user is looking for as well as other contextual information is immediately available.
  • Record to go: If required, a record can be exported at the press of a button, allowing the entire record to be quickly and conveniently saved on external storage media. The essential point here is that the folder structure of the record is retained in full. In addition, entire records can be made available offline using the export function.
  • Data storage: The digital content of the contract record is managed systematically directly in your SAP® ERP system and saved in an external archive.

Your benefit

Transparency: Thanks to central and systematic storage of all information in the easysquare contract record, companies benefit from the best possible ability to provide information as well as from having employees with the same level of knowledge.

Time savings: Both the improved work organisation thanks to having less paper on desks and mobility thanks to provision of a mobile record lead to significant time savings.

High data quality: You avoid media discontinuity through direct integration into your ERP system, which ensures that the available information is up to date and thus increases the data quality.

End user

  • Inventory managers
  • Customer advisors

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP
  • external archive

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