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Subject: Contract Accounting

easysquare installment payments agreement

When the tenant defaults – the installment payments process with easysquare workflow

Generally speaking, the installment payments agreement is a contractual agreement governing payment of a liability in regular installments. If a tenant defaults on his payments and is simply not able to pay back the entire outstanding amount in full, payment in installments has proven to be effective.

The system-supported implementation of installments is provided in the standard functions in SAP®, although certain restrictions have emerged in practice. For example, the option of temporary storage was not taken into account. With the installment payments process in easysquare workflow, PROMOS provides a clever solution to significantly reduce your processing workload with standardised processing, transparent status tracking, networking of those involved in the process and a release scenario.

Preparation: As the posting can only be made once the tenant has signed the installment payment agreement, it is necessary to save the values when creating the installment payment agreement. However, this feature is not provided in the SAP® standard system. For this purpose, PROMOS has created an option to save these values temporarily in easysquare workflow. As soon as the installment payments agreement has been saved in SAP®, a process is triggered in easysquare workflow. If required, this can contain an individual release strategy.

The release: In this case, the installment payments agreement is initially transferred to an automatically determined releaser, who can view, release, reject with correction requests or independently modify the installment payments agreement from within the process. Depending on the decision made, the creator of the installment payments agreement automatically receives the step to print, change or cancel the installment payment. Housing companies with many process participants and multiple hierarchies benefit particularly from a release strategy of this type.

Posting: The printed agreement is sent to the tenant for signing. Once the housing company receives the signed document again, the employee responsible can simply access the existing process and trigger the posting or cancel the installment payment process at the press of a button. In this way, the employees involved are not only guided intuitively through the process, but also save valuable time.

Schritt „Druck und Versand“ im easysquare Ratenzahlungsprozess

“Release of installment payments” step in the easysquare installment payments process

Ansicht einer Ratenvereinbarung im PROMOS.GT

View of an installment payments agreement in SAP Fiori®

Further information

Open items: In the dialogue for the saved installment payments, the user not only sees the installments themselves but also the open items that are set to be paid in installments. If the installment payments agreement is to be changed or posted, checks run in the background to monitor the status of the open items.

A check is also implemented to prevent open items that are already part of an installment payments process from having installments applied to them again.

Your benefit

Concentrated data storage: All information regarding the installment agreement is available to all employees in easysquare workflow so that the temporarily saved installments can be released, printed and, after signing, posted.

Intuitive operation: Thanks to the streamlined and intuitive operating interface, users are guided through the process easily and clearly.

Error reduction: A regular check of whether the items marked for an installment payments agreement are actually open significantly reduces the potential for error.

End user

  • Customer advisors
  • Accounts receivable accountants
  • Rental accountants
  • Receivables managers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • rental agreements
  • PROMOS contract account sheet
  • easysquare workflow

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