Portfolio No.: 2004-01
Subject: Master Data/Contracts

PROMOS resubmissions for SAP Fiori®

The little organiser for your daily task management in SAP®

Processing in real estate management consists of a wide variety of different activities that users have to perform in SAP®. They no longer have to rely on various tools such as appointment reminders in Outlook, post-its for notes or a to-do list in Excel to plan their busy working week in the best possible way. Instead, PROMOS offers a simple solution for managing daily tasks directly in the leading SAP® system.

With PROMOS resubmissions for SAP Fiori®, Fiori users can easily create resubmissions for various master data objects in the Real Estate environment, assign them to themselves or others as a one-off or regular task and also manage them clearly in a shared app across all master data. The small tile in the launchpad acts as a personal work basket that you can use alone or in a team.

The PROMOS solution provides you with two useful applications for managing your resubmissions in Fiori®: “Resubmissions” and “My resubmissions”.

The apps access the resubmission catalogue of the respective master data objects and divide the created resubmissions into read and unread objects for easier processing. You can easily search through your resubmissions and jump to their details using various filter options, such as the author, date or activity. It is also possible to create, edit and delete the resubmission and to jump to the linked master data objects.

A catalogue helps you to select the right type of object, which can be supplemented to suit the individual customer. For team leaders, the comprehensive app offers a convenient way to check due dates for activities so that no tasks are forgotten.

No tasks can be left undone even if a team member is on holiday or ill, as these are usually taken over by a substitute. In this case, the SAP standard substitution rule can be used to reassign the corresponding tasks in the event of a substitution.

All resubmissions are listed in a clear display according to their due date and allow you to jump directly to the master data objects.

The resubmissions app can be embedded into any tile group in your launchpad to visualise all unread resubmissions, categorised by due date.

Your benefit

Clarity: The apps therefore initiate your time-sensitive work processes in an ideal and timely manner – flexibly according to their urgency.

Simplicity: PROMOS resubmissions for SAP Fiori® enable the fast management of resubmissions across all RE data.

Freedom from media discontinuity: Mapping your tasks and deadlines in SAP® makes other tools obsolete, eliminating the need to collate information manually. This makes teamwork much more efficient.

Versatility: Resubmissions are incredibly versatile; for example, they can be created for real estate contracts, invoice verification, comparing service descriptions with services provided and much more. Creation is very simple.

End user

  • Inventory management
  • Real estate management

Technical requirements

  • SAP S/4HANA®
  • RE-FX

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